As we all know, we are living in unprecedented times. What’s happening with this global crisis and COVID-19 is without a doubt one of the biggest and most difficult situations that our world has ever faced in modern times.

We have all seen the world and our lives make a sudden stop while we do our best to protect our selves and our loved ones from this invisible enemy. Having our family around while living in uncertainty makes it easier to cope. Unfortunately not everyone has the same chance of being taken care of or being helped when in need. Our most vulnerable and the most at risk are our seniors and our children. We must come together as a community to provide, help and protect our senior generation 65+ and all children being affected.

Help us support these incredible souls who we love, these human beings that make our life happier. There are so many seniors that are in isolation and are struggling financially and emotionally, or just can’t make a trip to the grocery store. We want to be there for them and give them a hand and let them know they are not alone. So many children are going to bed hungry as they lost the possibility of having 2 secure meals a day due to closure of the school system.

NOW is the time for us to give back… NOW is the time to save their lives.

We, at Silent Help and with your support, are committed to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the seniors and children in our community remain safe at home not having to worry about food, medicine and their well being. We will work hard to give them hope and feel loved.

It is time to take action and demonstrate that TOGETHER we can win this battle.