Silent Help started as a big family dream. It is our own life project and we want to include everyone around us and share the real meaning of our drive in life: CONTRIBUTION.

This dream was launched a few years ago with nothing more than our simple idea that we could help transform many people’s lives in any way. There is so much we can do for our community and there is so many people in need, but as the Tanzanian proverb says “little by little, little becomes a lot”.

Our big dream is very simple: it is about PAYING FORWARD all the blessings we are privileged to have, to the most vulnerable families and children who think about HOPE as just a far away dream.

At Silent Help, we are committed to give our time, love, and support by providing food, shelter and cover basic needs to improve the quality of life of many people who deserve much more than what they have.
We strongly believe that working and helping TOGETHER will make a BIG impact to the world.

Everyone has the right to wish for hope and for a better future, and we will make their dreams come true by helping one family at a time.

Together we can make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.